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Round vs Square drills

Round vs Square drills

Round vs Square  - what's the difference? Well it can be summarised as simply as this, Square diamonds snap closer together then circle diamonds do, thus creating a more full looking painting. That said, square diamonds are more difficult to pickup with the pen or tweezers, and place down on the canvas. However, do have more of a sparkling effect, especially for large paintings 


Round vs Square - what's the difference?



For those looking to start their first diamond painting experience, we would generally recommend going with the round options available, just for the fact they're that little bit easier to work with. Our customers who have transitioned from round to square diamonds have continuously provided feedback that round is much easier to work with. 

Sparkle Shimmer

Round diamonds provide for a really sparkly, almost shimmer of light effect on your finished Diamond Paintings in an effect that you just won't see on a square painting. If you're after a really shiny painting, we'd recommend buying a larger canvas as this is where the round diamonds and sparkle really come into their own. 



Clean and Crisp

Square diamonds (or known as drills) create a clean and crisp picture, since every diamond piece fits firmly with each other piece on all four sides - with limited to no gaps. That said, it definitely requires more experience and time to line up the squares as neatly as possible to give you that amazing, symmetrical finish. 

Great for smaller pieces

Square diamond pieces are generally the preferred choice when it comes to smaller canvases due to the gaps between each individual piece. 

More of a challenge

Due to symmetrical nature, square diamonds are certainly more difficult and requires a bit of experience to get that amazing end product.

All about the snap effect

You've probably read about the 'snap' effect, well - it's definitely true. Once you start to fill up your canvas, the snap effect is soothing to your core, and makes for a strangely pleasing effect.  




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