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Why Diamond Paintings make the perfect gift

Why Diamond Paintings make the perfect gift

Why Diamond Paintings make the perfect gift

Why do Diamond Paintings kits make the perfect gift? Well, it’s simple – diamond paintings are a relatively inexpensive, yet easy way to create an art piece for your loved ones.

There’s nothing like giving a gift that shows you’ve not only had the forethought of purchasing a gift itself, but also – spent the time putting it together for them. So many are sick of the ‘Gift Card’ gift, where someone buys you a last minute piece of plastic that highlights they don’t truly know you well enough or have the forethought to buy a gift unique and specific to you and your personality, let alone your relationship with the other individual.

In case you haven’t come across what a Diamond Painting is, here is a really simple rundown. Diamond paintings are an attractive DIY canvas that’s decorated with diamond-like crystals (AKA drills, aka resins). The diamonds are placed by an applicator piece by piece, diamond by diamond to create an end result that’s a surface resembling a painting. Just an ordinary painting you ask? Well, some might say it is better than a regular oil based or water based painting because the diamonds give off a glittery, shimmer effect – that you just can’t get off a traditional 2D Painting.  

Paint with them

So, having worked and talked so much about Diamond Paintings with our arts & crafts enthusiasts we’ve found them to be really popular as an activity to do with the person your purchasing them for. Depending on the canvas size you buy, they can be hours worth of relaxing fun, and can be a great way to sit down and collaborate together while discussing and contemplating life in the most therapeutic way possible.

Leo Zodiac Painting Diamonds

Do it for them

Perhaps the gift is for a parent or grandparent and what a better gift then giving them a piece of art that will make them proud. On display for all to see, the diamond painting I’m sure will be front and centre of their home, with them continually showing family and friends how talented you really are. 

Painting Diamonds - Do it for them, Gift Zodiac Leo

Share the relaxation opportunity

There is just no better gift then giving the opportunity to relax, de-stress and create a piece of art for their home. Perhaps a friend is going through a hard time or has been working really hard




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